Here’s Why Chatbots are the Best AI Marketing Automation Tool

The real reasons why hotels need chatbots, instead of mobile apps.

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When looking to converse with customers – whether it be for customer service or sales purposes – looking to an AI marketing automation platform can help enhance the experience. With a conversational marketing strategy that uses messaging apps to reach users, your customers will be using something that is both easy and familiar.

The solution: a chatbot for your hotel.

Chatbots Are In. Mobile Apps Are Out.

There are various types of conversational automation platforms, but chatbots are by far the most successful and carry the most potential into the future. To attest to this, they are already the conversational AI platform of choice among consumers, and are enjoying increased popularity among businesses that leverage chatbot marketing in their strategy.

The Basics of Chatbot Marketing

First off, what are chatbots? Chatbots are a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users across digital marketing channels. They conduct AI conversation via auditory and/or textual methods. Facebook Messenger is a popular customer messaging platform for chatbots, as is Slack and WeChat. It feels just like texting a friend over the app, but instead you’re texting with conversational AI.

Chatbot marketing may seem new, but it is rapidly gaining popularity. A lot of this is due to the fact that the top four messaging apps are bigger than the top four social networks. According to eMarketer, more than 1.4 billion people used messaging apps in 2016, and more than 25% of the world’s population will be using them by 2019. Since chatbots function on customer messaging platforms people are already familiar with, it makes sense to leverage their conversational AI marketing potential.

Conversational AI Marketing Best Practices

When engaging with customers, you want to have the interactions be as easy as possible, and for your brand to be available at all times. According to VentureBeat, 63% of people are willing to communicate with various businesses and brands using chatbot services. With emails overloading inboxes and fewer people willing to sit on the phone anymore, these AI conversation chatbots are becoming the easiest way to contact companies with simple questions.

In regards to retailers, 29% of people would prefer to contact them via chatbot when making a purchase decision, and brands are responding appropriately. Everyone from fashion retailers to shoe retailers are using chatbots in their AI marketing strategy in creative ways to increase sales and brand awareness with fans.

Foot Locker Uses a Customer Messaging Platform for AI Conversation

For example, Snaps empowered Foot Locker to create the ultimate SneakerDrop Bot. This conversational AI offers a personalized, interactive Facebook Messenger experience for sneakerheads. Essentially, it’s a sneakerhead’s digital shoe “connect”.

The bot sends out reminders of when sneakers have been released, then gives fans the best ways to purchase – either in-store or online. The conversational automation platform also has a “What’s New” element: a fun and short quiz that drives personalization for every shoe fan.

By utilizing digital marketing channels like Messenger, Foot Locker can connect with customers in a popular and straight-forward way. They don’t have to go to another app to communicate; the entire interaction takes place on Facebook Messenger’s conversational marketing platform.

Optimize Your Digital Marketing Channels With Conversational AI Platforms

To make AI marketing automation successful, it is advantageous to think of where your customers are and what they enjoy using. It is clear that chatbot marketing is creating a new and creative experience for customers, while keeping it as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Meanwhile, for businesses, the advantages of automated conversational marketing are widespread. Everything from reducing the cost of hiring a 24/7 customer service staff to gathering more vast and insightful data from the conversational AI experience is possible thanks to chatbot marketing.

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