What are Chatbots 🤖?

The real reasons why hotels need chatbots, instead of mobile apps.

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In today's world messaging has become one of the more popular methods of communication 💬

Whether it's through text messages or messenger apps, it's how a lot of people prefer talking with one another.

Because of this businesses are developing chat BOTS, that you can message and talk to as if they were human.

In fact you may even think you're talking to a human, when it's actually a chat bot.

More and more businesses are using them for online customer service to resolve issues and answer simple questions.

A few are even developing shopping assistance to give you recommendations, when you're looking for a certain product.

There are currently two different types of chat BOTS :

The first uses a certain set of rules, meaning that they can only respond to specific words or commands, so if you don't use the correct phrasing the chat bot may not know how to respond, these bots are only as intelligent as they're programmed to be.

The second type of chat BOTS uses Artificial Intelligence, this means that it can understand language and you can speak with it more conversationally as if it were a real person.

These chat BOTS will also get smarter over time, learning from each conversation they have with their users.

As this technology continues to evolve, more companies will use chat BOTS as a way to engage with and assist their audiences

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