The Alternative to Mobile Apps Is Here.

The guest, hotel relationship is shifting in times when hotels want to establish strong long-term relationship with their guests in order to improve decreasing revenue per guest. How can hoteliers get closer to their...

Why should hotels invest in chatbots?

This is the question that is plaguing hundreds if not thousands out there. We have thousands of new technological advances springing up every other day, which can be used to improve their business, but hotels can’t invest in...

The world has changed. 21st century travelers are always online and communicating via text, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and, yes, even the phone — often at the same time.

Here’s Why Chatbots are the Best AI Marketing Automation Tool

When looking to converse with customers – whether it be for customer service or sales purposes – looking to an AI marketing automation platform can help enhance the experience. With a conversational marketing strategy that uses messaging apps to reach users, your customers will be using something that is both easy and familiar.

What are Chatbots 🤖?

In today's world messaging has become one of the more popular methods of communication. Whether it's through text messages or messenger apps, it's how a lot of people prefer talking with one another.